I have 3 wedding packages ranging from $900 to $3500.  Standard in each package is 2 photographers. They range from 3 hours to 8 hours. Inclusions vary and range from a purely digital package to prints, albums, wall art, slideshows, parent albums and keepsake boxes. There are plenty of upgrades and options that can be added on.

These packages are designed with flexibility in mind, so if they are close but need a bit of an adjustment, let’s talk about that and design the package that is unique and perfect for you.

(What the brochures don’t say)

My aim is you.  I’m not a photographer that you will book and not see or hear from until your wedding day. From the moment you have booked, my focus is your wedding day, you and your photography wishlist. I like to meet up with my couples so that we can get to know each other – we will be spending a lot of your day together, don’t want to be a stranger!

How do you see your wedding photography?  Maybe your wedding is family orientated, or should I focus on the romance, or fun, or traditional aspects, do you have a lot of guests travelling to your wedding?  Chances are it will be a mixture of all of these things!  These are the things I want to know, what is most important to you.

Timelines!  I will always develop a photography running sheet for my team to work from based on your booking times. It is filled with times, places, names, shot lists, comments etc.  Don’t worry, this can be as super organised or as flexible and laid back as you want it to be. Your timeline is something I can help you with if you need.

Visiting – I will be spending time visiting your venues and scouting awesome photography locations.  I usually try to organise our last meeting to be at the venue if possible, so that we can finalise last minute plans and mostly to get excited looking around together discussing ideas.  Same with the rehearsal, if you want and I am able to attend I’ll be there!  Honestly, everything about weddings is so exciting.

Assistant and second shooter – I love my team!  My assistant will assist not only me, but he is also happy to help anyone during the wedding.  He has all my notes and importantly, he has the family shot list so that he can assist to keep things running smoothly.  If your MC or anyone else needs help with anything, he’s always happy to jump in and lend a hand.  I have a team of second shooters, and after meeting with you, I will handpick the perfect one to suit your wedding.  Not only do they get different angles to me, they catch the tears and tissues, kids being kids, emotions, details and the bridal party shenanigans.

Emergency kit – I have been developing and growing an emergency kit. For example, if anyone splits a zip or seam and needs to be sewn into their dress or pants, I’ve got you covered!


Let’s get together at a café (my shout) and find the perfect package for you.  You can look, hold and touch my studio samples (canvas, mounted prints, boutique albums, lustre prints, USB Keepsake box).  Make sure you have a list of questions for me because I will have some for you too!

Looking forward to hearing from you!